Frequently Asked Questions

What return should I expect annually on my investment?

We are proud to say that we pay our investors an astonishing return of 15% APR.  In addition, we give monthly interest-only payments to our investors.  For example, if you invest $100,000 with us, you will receive a check in the mail for $1,250 each and every month!

What does RentMerica do with my investment?

We use the funds given from investors primarily to secure additional income producing properties.  At RentMerica, we have instilled a “GO BIG or GO HOME!” mentality.  That means that in order for us to achieve our aggressive expansion goals, we need investors like you to help make that happen!

Is there a minimum amount needed in order to begin investing?

Yes.  At this time, we are currently looking for investors that have a minimum of $5,000 in available funds.  That being said, we will consider smaller investment amounts on a case-by-case basis.  We are diligently looking into opening an alternative investment option that will allow you to get onboard with significantly less capital.

Can I invest through my IRA?

Yes!  However, it can only be through a self-directed IRA of which you are the custodian.  Simply give them a call and tell them that you would like to invest money as a loan to a business.

What areas does RentMerica invest in?

We currently only invest in the Philadelphia market.  As we grow overtime, we plan to expand into other markets.

Am I able to withdraw my investment at any time?

No.  Your loan will be held by RentMerica for 3 years.  This shall be clearly stated in the contract that you sign upon investing with us.

Does HomeMerica charge a management fee?

No. We do not charge a management fee or any fees of any kind.

Is HomeMerica registered with the SEC?

No.  We are not an investment fund and do not claim to be one.  Your investment with us is simply a loan to a business in exchange for interest.  By investing with us, you are not obtaining equity in HomeMerica or investing in a security as defined by the SEC.